Checking Account


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Checking Account’s are meant for everyday usage with easy access to your cash. Due to this spending freedom, they have lower interest rates than a traditional savings account.

  • Accompanied with a Debit and/or Check Book

  • Lower interest rates than a Savings Account

  • Perfect for everyday spending such as food, gas, utilities.


  • Account Fees - Some banks especially those with national wide brick and mortar locations will charge maintenance fees. These may be waived on a bank to bank basis if certain criteria are met outlined when establishing the account. Such as, minimum balance or setting up direct deposit.

  • Overdraft Fees - Over drafting your account will typically incur a fee. Certain banks will overdraft protection that will simply decline your purchase if it would overdraw your account. That protection may be a necessity with your budget.

Nearly all Checking Accounts will fall into one of these categories, each having their own benefits and restrictions.

  • Personal Checking Account - Typically these will be your national wide banks who offer a large network of ATM’s and a personal experience with customer service experts at your local branch.

  • Online Checking Account - Online only accounts typically offer higher interest rates and lower fees than your local brick and mortar branch due to not having the overhead cost associated with a physical bank. They offer a large ATM network. However, they have less options when it comes to cash deposits and do not offer the same level of personal customer service.

  • High Interest/Rewards Checking - Checking accounts that offer a higher interest rate but still have easy access to your money for every day usage. They will typically require some hoops to go through such as a high minimum balance. These are the least common type of Checking Account.

  • Business Checking Account - These are important for keeping your personal finances separated from your business. This will make it easier on you to keep an accurate record when you prepare your taxes.