What is Budget Geek?

Budget Geek is an informative personal finance website that we have created to share knowledge of the financial world and help others make wise and responsible financial decisions. If you just want to save a few dollars on your phone bill, learn how to get started investing or prepare for your retirement we are here to help.

The Team

Devon Chaisson
Founder & Author

Hello, my name is Devon Chaisson and I am the founder and primary author for Budget Geek. I am an entrepreneur and investor, currently working on my bachelors degree for technological entrepreneurship and management at Arizona State University.

You can contact me at devon@budgetgeek.xyz

Chris Trahan
Co-Founder, Web Designer & Author

Hello, I’m Chris Trahan and I am an author and web designer for Budget Geek. I am a coffee enthusiast and investor. I have a passion for programing and financial statistics. 

You can can contact me at chris@budgetgeek.xyz